Roger Frey

The Long Fence

Frey - Paintings and Drawings
Acrylics, Etchings and Printmaking
Accepts Commissions:
Portraits, and Landscapes  

Comment by the Artist:

I was born in Chicago.  I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Drawing and Painting from California State University Long Beach.  In my junior year I  studied art at the Academia di Belli Arte in Florence, Italy.

Over the years, I’ve have created a diverse set of work, ranging from large abstract oil paintings to traditional portraits and still-life's to occasionally publishing comic strips and illustrations in newspapers and magazines.  My work has consistently received recognition.

I continue to be a member of The Artist’s Undertaking Gallery in Occoquan and was a recent member of Gallery West in Alexandria, Virginia.  I am a member of the Prince William Art Society and on the board of the Manassas Art Guild.

 I’ve recently had one-man exhibits entitled, “Jars of Relativity-the Exploration of an Idea” and The Beauty of Virginia“ at Northern Virginia Community College in Manassas.  Currently I am one of the featured artists in the Artist’s Undertaking in Occoquan.

Every artist feels compelled to create images.  What inspires us to do it?  Artists have the physical ability to see and appreciate the world around them.  We can watch a sunrise evolve from a hot, flaming orange, to cool, silver blue morning.  But merely watching it happen or appreciating the drama unfolding before us is not enough.  We’ve got to get closer, we want to retell the story, to make it ours.

 My artwork has transformed over the years as does most artists who continue with their craft.  I’ve used drawing and painting to explore all of the traditional subjects as well as contemporary abstract concepts.

My work has an overall serenity.  However, I’ve been struggling to add an element of the unexpected chaos of life into it.  l prefer the human touch in artwork.  I enjoy seeing the marks made by a living person, from energetic to delicate and confidently bold to haltingly searching.

 I have been exploring printmaking using the solar plate printing process and block printing as an alternative to my media of choice, acrylic painting.   I’ve just completed illustrating a story that my daughter wrote, and I can see developing more images using pen and ink with watercolor.    I cannot pin down a single style in my work, stylistically my painting is taking on the feeling of a kind of hyper-naturalism while my drawings are more exploratory and spontaneous.

 Finally, I am currently focusing on a series of pastel drawings to take a break from landscapes.  My goal in any artistic endeavor is to create a personal style that meets my expressive needs.     

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Point of Rocks The Long Fence Country Cottage Gunston

Before the Parade Gesture Series: Untitled 11 Gesture Series: Untitled 21 Ipanema Girl