Janis McMahon

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Water/Acrylic/Oil color
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Landscapes, Floral and Still Life  

Janis McMahon was educated and raised in England. Since first grade she can recall loving to draw and paint almost everything she seen. From this point on art was always important to her. She attended a college of fine arts in England and participated in various workshops for fine arts.

Janis began participating in craft shows selling canned products, candy and the occasional small painting. It was then she realized that the paintings sold better than anything else. She was so encouraged by this realization that in 1997 she signed up for an oil painting workshop. Painting for the sheer enjoyment, she began to enter more shows. At one point she painted a piece of art for her mother-in-law which was entered into a competition, this entry won 2nd place and the experience encouraged her to enter more competitions.

Having spent all of her life in the UK and Europe, she recently moved to the United States with her husband. Once settled in, Janis decided to join the Prince William Art Society , and found that not only was she enjoying this new venture, she was also selling a lot of her work. Painting landscapes that remind her of England like poppy fields and old cottages are among her favorite subjects. Another interest she is pursuing is to have a book published that she has been working on.

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Pat’s Poinsettias Red Flowers in Vase By The Sea

June’s Roses England's Poppies Potted Poppies 20x16 acrylic

Angel 1 12x36 mixed media Golden Angel 20x16 mixed media Angel 2 12x36 mixed media