Alice LaBier


Email:  St Patrick - This Sacred Icon is done in the Russian/Byzantine approach and  is composed of Wood~Linen~Gesso~Dry Pigments~Egg Tempera~Gold  Leaf.  Although the original (9x19) was done as a commission, framed  copies ( 8x10) or note cards may be ordered.

Watercolor,  Dry Pigment Egg Tempera, Wood, Linen,
Gold Leaf, Digital Painting, Photography

Accepts Commissions:   

Landscapes, Floral, Sacred Russian/Byzantine Icons

Alice grew up in a very creative New England family.  This grounding was essential to her later appreciation of fine art developed during the six years she lived in the Middle East and Europe.  Once her children had grown and family obligations lessened, Alice had the chance to sharpen the skills evidenced in childhood.

After several years of watercolor lessons from a myriad of local artists, Alice became very interested in a particular iconographic school.  She adopted the traditional Russian/Byzantine approach (wood/linen/egg tempera/gold leaf), and continues to attend ongoing yearly workshops in that medium, at a Franciscan Monastery in New York State. One of her icons recently earned a Second Place Ribbon in a People's Choice Award. In addition to the watercolors and Icons, she has branched into enhanced digital photography adapting her own photographs to another art form with digital painting.   

Alice has been an active member of the Prince William Art Society (PWAS) since 2000.  She held the position of Treasurer for two years, and has assumed the duties of PWAS President in 2007.

Alice resides in walking distance of Occoquan, Virginia, with her husband.

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Saint Patrick Icon Mother of Unexpected Joy Archangel Michael

'LE PAPILLON', 11x14 Watercolor, NFS Flowers in Windows

'JESUS THE PREACHER', 9x12,  Wood ~ Linen ~ Gesso ~ Gold Leaf ~ Egg Tempera 'VIRGINOF THE SIGN', 9x12,  Wood ~ Linen ~ Gesso ~ Gold Leaf ~ Egg Tempera 'GUARDIAN ANGEL', 9x12,  Wood ~ Linen ~ Gesso ~ Gold Leaf ~ Egg Tempera